Dinkum Dunnies Fair Dinkum Toilet
The Dinkum Dunnies®

Fair Dinkum Toilet

Designated by AWU Victoria and South East Water representatives as "The Preferred Portable Toilet"

Designed & manufactured in Australia, the Dinkum Dunnies® "Fair Dinkum Toilet" is a world first self contained portable toilet with the same operating system as the toilet in your home or office.

With unique, variable flushing system and total isolation between the toilet bowl and waste holding tank, you can be assured that a visit to this toilet will be as simple and dignified as can be experienced in a single temporary portable toilet amenity.

It uses enough, but not too much, water in its operation and does away with odours that emanate from "Chemical" toilet systems.

After extensive testing, this toilet has shown to provide ample flushing water and waste holding capacity. The Fair Dinkum toilet has a flush cistern capacity of 250 Litres (approx 125 flushes) and a genuine waste holding capacity of 470 litres (approx 250 flushes).

The inclusion of a waste tank level indicator simplifies the management of waste removal scheduling, and provides for the safer waste removal by service personnel.

This toilet has no requirement for toxic chemical and will remain odour free. South East Water treatment plant representatives have classified this as a toilet, not a "holding tank with seat, where you can go to the toilet"!

How does the Fair Dinkum Toilet compare?

  Fair Dinkum Flapper Re circulating Straight Drop
Fully isolating water seal Yes Minimal, 130ml.
Prone to evaporation.
Minimal, 130ml.
Prone to evaporation.
Chemicals required? No Yes Yes Yes
Waste tank level indicator Yes No No No
Self contained flush water reservoir Yes Yes No No
Separate hand wash reservoir Yes Generally no, optional
for some models
Drains to waste tank
for bowl flushing
Connection point for external water supply included Yes No No No

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